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Marchers behind a banner challenging the Bicentennial, 1976

1976: “Gay Spirit”

1976 marked the U.S. Bicentennial and the Gay Pride Committee selected “Gay Spirit” as the theme for that year’s march. Many participants marched with banners and signs emphasizing the gay …

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Flyers for the 1975 march

1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

The Center for Social Services (CSS) again hosted gay pride events in June of 1975, but that year, they sought permits with the help of volunteer attorneys. Not without struggle, …

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Flyer for March to Defend Civil Rights, 1974

1974: Gay Pride Week and the First March

The Center for Social Services (CSS) established committees to provide a variety of services for the gay and lesbian community and veterans.* In June, CSS held another Gay Pride Week …

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Organizers in front of the Center for Social Services, 1973

1972-73: The Center is Born and the Final “Gay-In”

In 1972, Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) continued to hold services and events and the Catholic support group Dignity returned to San Diego. The Monday Night Lesbians also formed in the …

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Picket line at SDPD, 1971

1971: A Hotline, a Protest, and “Gay-In 2”

In spring of 1971, Gay Liberation Front (GLF) came back to campus. On-campus status still officially revoked, the group began to operate meetings through a course called “The Homosexual and …

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Picnicking at the Gay-In

1970: Community Groups and the First “Gay-In”

1970 was a turning point for the San Diego gay community, marking immense growth of organized activism and pride. Existing organizations evolved and new ones formed, coming together to plan …

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Gay Liberation Front Statement of Purpose in The Prodigal, 1970

1969: The Turning Point

On June 28th, 1969, a raid on New York City’s Stonewall Inn escalated into a riot that lasted for days. Fed up with regular harassment, patrons of the gay bar …

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The Hole, 2820 Lytton Street

Pre-1969: Before Stonewall

To truly appreciate the significance of the Pride phenomenon in San Diego and all over the world, it is essential to understand the historical and social contexts from which it …

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