1972-73: The Center is Born and the Final “Gay-In”

Organizers in front of the Center for Social Services, 1973. Lambda Archives of San Diego

In 1972, Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) continued to hold services and events and the Catholic support group Dignity returned to San Diego. The Monday Night Lesbians also formed in the early 1970s. Significantly, Stephen Bell and Jess Jessop of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) attended a national conference in Chicago organized by the Gay Activists… Continue reading 1972-73: The Center is Born and the Final “Gay-In”

Pre-1969: Before Stonewall

The Hole, 2820 Lytton Street. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

To truly appreciate the significance of the Pride phenomenon in San Diego and all over the world, it is essential to understand the historical and social contexts from which it has emerged. Prior to the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the modern gay rights movement in the 1970s, LGBTQ+ people in San Diego had… Continue reading Pre-1969: Before Stonewall