1989: “A Generation of Pride”

Jess Jessop (second to left) outside Lesbian and Gay Archives tent at Pride festival, 1989. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

With Lambda Pride and Parade Fest now dissolved, San Diego Lesbian and Gay Men’s Pride formed anew with Tim Williams as the first executive director. After years of controversy surrounding finances and a surviving debt, SDLGP sought to improve transparency with their accounting practices by releasing a financial report to the community following Pride weekend.… Continue reading 1989: “A Generation of Pride”

1984: “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride”

First Pride Guide, 1984. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

1984 marked the 15th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the 10-year anniversary of the San Diego Pride march. As such, Lambda Pride adopted the national theme “Unity and More in ‘84” and a local theme “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride.” A number of changes took place that year. The first annual Lambda Pride… Continue reading 1984: “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride”

1983: “I Love Being Out”

"I Love Being Out" t-shirt, 1983. Pride T-shirt Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1983, Lambda Pride officially received its non-profit status, which allowed the organization more autonomy in planning their annual event. Pride celebrations grew in participation, activities, and attendance. However, permits were once again initially denied by the San Diego Police Department. With help from attorney Tom Homann, Lambda Pride filed an appeal and contacted the… Continue reading 1983: “I Love Being Out”

1976: “Gay Spirit”

Marchers behind a banner challenging the Bicentennial, 1976. Gary Gulley Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego

1976 marked the U.S. Bicentennial and the Gay Pride Committee selected “Gay Spirit” as the theme for that year’s march. Many participants marched with banners and signs emphasizing the gay community’s right to freedom. That year, the Pride committee established a $5 fee for floats or vehicles and created a detailed set of guidelines for… Continue reading 1976: “Gay Spirit”

1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

Flyers for the 1975 march. John Eberly Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

The Center for Social Services (CSS) again hosted gay pride events in June of 1975, but that year, they sought permits with the help of volunteer attorneys. Not without struggle, permits were obtained, marking 1975 as the year of the first permitted march and rally. Although government officials were predominantly not yet vocal in their… Continue reading 1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

Pre-1969: Before Stonewall

The Hole, 2820 Lytton Street. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

To truly appreciate the significance of the Pride phenomenon in San Diego and all over the world, it is essential to understand the historical and social contexts from which it has emerged. Prior to the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the modern gay rights movement in the 1970s, LGBTQ+ people in San Diego had… Continue reading Pre-1969: Before Stonewall