1994: “Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future”

Pink Cadillac in San Diego Pride parade, 1994. San Diego Pride Photo Collection 1994-2008, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1994, former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock, who had declared Human Rights Day in 1983 to overlap with Pride weekend, shifted more sharply to the right and began advocating for homophobic action on his conservative radio show. Inspired by Hedgecock, a right-wing group called the “Normal People” organized to protest San Diego Pride and… Continue reading 1994: “Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future”

1988: “Here…And Here To Stay!” / “Rightfully Proud”

Lambda Pride Board and volunteers at Parade Fest, 1988. Doug Moore Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Following the festivities of the previous year, Lambda Pride organizers once again had a falling out. An ad-hoc committee was formed in January 1988 to produce that year’s Pride events, which they dubbed Parade Fest. The national theme of “Rightfully Proud” was adopted to emphasize the importance of the gay vote, as 1988 was an… Continue reading 1988: “Here…And Here To Stay!” / “Rightfully Proud”

1987: “Making History”

Pride Guide, 1987 (front). Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In the year leading up to the 1987 Pride weekend, Lambda Pride meetings were heavily occupied with issues including lawsuits, debts and organizational upheaval. As a result, a “New Lambda Pride” was formed with the goal of producing an excellent event and paying off the debts of the previous year. The new board selected “Making… Continue reading 1987: “Making History”

1986: “Forward Together”

San Diego Lambda Pride car, 1986. Doug Moore Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

With a nearly new board of directors, Lambda Pride made some big changes. The budget grew to $95,000, nearly three times the budget of the previous year, and a two-day festival was planned for the first time. However, the ambitious new board experienced more turmoil than the previous year in the weeks leading up to… Continue reading 1986: “Forward Together”

1985: “Share the Pride”

Empress Nicole Murray-Ramirez on the Imperial Court float, 1985. Christine Kehoe Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Following the turmoil of the previous year, the 1985 board of directors was comprised of mostly fresh faces and saw the return of Doug Moore. Lambda Pride again adopted an international theme, “Alive with Pride in ‘85,” and a local theme, “Share the Pride.” That Pride weekend, which took place June 8-9, was dedicated to… Continue reading 1985: “Share the Pride”

1984: “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride”

First Pride Guide, 1984. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

1984 marked the 15th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the 10-year anniversary of the San Diego Pride march. As such, Lambda Pride adopted the national theme “Unity and More in ‘84” and a local theme “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride.” A number of changes took place that year. The first annual Lambda Pride… Continue reading 1984: “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride”

1983: “I Love Being Out”

"I Love Being Out" t-shirt, 1983. Pride T-shirt Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1983, Lambda Pride officially received its non-profit status, which allowed the organization more autonomy in planning their annual event. Pride celebrations grew in participation, activities, and attendance. However, permits were once again initially denied by the San Diego Police Department. With help from attorney Tom Homann, Lambda Pride filed an appeal and contacted the… Continue reading 1983: “I Love Being Out”

1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

Flyers for the 1975 march. John Eberly Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

The Center for Social Services (CSS) again hosted gay pride events in June of 1975, but that year, they sought permits with the help of volunteer attorneys. Not without struggle, permits were obtained, marking 1975 as the year of the first permitted march and rally. Although government officials were predominantly not yet vocal in their… Continue reading 1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

1971: A Hotline, a Protest, and “Gay-In 2”

Picket line at SDPD, 1971. Lambda Archives of San Diego

In spring of 1971, Gay Liberation Front (GLF) came back to campus. On-campus status still officially revoked, the group began to operate meetings through a course called “The Homosexual and Society,” which was sponsored by the Experimental College. This loophole allowed GLF to use campus facilities and advertise to students, and Morris Kight, pioneer of… Continue reading 1971: A Hotline, a Protest, and “Gay-In 2”

Pre-1969: Before Stonewall

The Hole, 2820 Lytton Street. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

To truly appreciate the significance of the Pride phenomenon in San Diego and all over the world, it is essential to understand the historical and social contexts from which it has emerged. Prior to the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the modern gay rights movement in the 1970s, LGBTQ+ people in San Diego had… Continue reading Pre-1969: Before Stonewall