1996: “Spotlight on Freedom”

Voters Organized in Coalition for the Elections (VOICES) march in the parade, 1996. San Diego Pride Photo Collection 1994-2008, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1996, San Diego Pride focused on politics, as a presidential election was to take place in November. At a national level, the LGBTQ+ community was celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Colorado Amendment 2, which rescinded state and local laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and prevented the future… Continue reading 1996: “Spotlight on Freedom”

1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”

Flyers for the 1975 march. John Eberly Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

The Center for Social Services (CSS) again hosted gay pride events in June of 1975, but that year, they sought permits with the help of volunteer attorneys. Not without struggle, permits were obtained, marking 1975 as the year of the first permitted march and rally. Although government officials were predominantly not yet vocal in their… Continue reading 1975: “Gay Pride (Come OUT To A Celebration)”