1996: “Spotlight on Freedom”

Voters Organized in Coalition for the Elections (VOICES) march in the parade, 1996. San Diego Pride Photo Collection 1994-2008, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1996, San Diego Pride focused on politics, as a presidential election was to take place in November. At a national level, the LGBTQ+ community was celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Colorado Amendment 2, which rescinded state and local laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and prevented the future… Continue reading 1996: “Spotlight on Freedom”

1987: “Making History”

Pride Guide, 1987 (front). Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In the year leading up to the 1987 Pride weekend, Lambda Pride meetings were heavily occupied with issues including lawsuits, debts and organizational upheaval. As a result, a “New Lambda Pride” was formed with the goal of producing an excellent event and paying off the debts of the previous year. The new board selected “Making… Continue reading 1987: “Making History”

1982: “Proud-Diversified-United”

West Coast Production Company's float, 1982. Doug Moore Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

With the addition of a Tijuana contingent and a “Black and White Men Together” group in 1982, Lambda Pride chose the theme “Proud-Diversified-United.” The parade took place on June 12th and featured forty-six contingents including horses and motorcycle clubs. Christian fundamentalists, referred to by parade participants as “fundies,” protested on the sidelines with signs quoting… Continue reading 1982: “Proud-Diversified-United”

1978: “No More Lies, Never Again!”

"Paper Bag Brigade" marches against Proposition 6. Gary Gulley Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

As with the previous year, defending homosexuality in education took the spotlight of the 1978 Pride event, which was held on June 25th. California voters faced Proposition 6, which would prohibit gays and lesbians from teaching in public schools and prohibit the use of curricula that presented homosexuality positively. Prop 6 was fueled by Anita… Continue reading 1978: “No More Lies, Never Again!”

1977: “Unity (A Day With Human Rights Is Like A Day Without Sunshine) / No More Miamis”

Grand Marshals Jess Jessop and Gloria Johnson. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Despite the infighting and dispersion of niche interest groups that occurred the previous year, participation in the 1977 Pride march increased. That year, former Miss America runner-up Anita Bryant began crusading against gay rights and was involved in overturning a Florida ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. Bryant then pushed a Christian fundamentalist-backed national… Continue reading 1977: “Unity (A Day With Human Rights Is Like A Day Without Sunshine) / No More Miamis”