1981: “United For Our Rights”

"United for Our Rights!" button, 1981. Button and Pin Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Due to the divide created the previous year by the Lesbian Solidarity March, the Lesbian/Gay Men’s Pride Alliance disbanded. With the leadership of Doug Moore, Lambda Pride formed and took over the task of planning Pride. Lambda Pride filed for 501(c)(3) status, established a board of directors, and brought about many changes to the annual… Continue reading 1981: “United For Our Rights”

1980: “In Celebration We Are…”

"In Celebration We Are..." button, 1980. Button and Pin Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In January of 1980, the Center for Social Services was renamed the Lesbian and Gay Community Center, a move spearheaded by lesbians to address sexism. The success of the Gay Pride Picnic and Olympics the previous year seems to have influenced the 1980 Pride parade. That year the event took on a tone more celebratory… Continue reading 1980: “In Celebration We Are…”

1979: “Remember Stonewall”

“Remember Stonewall” button. Button and Pin Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

After nearly a decade of activism with a handful of victories, 1979 was a tumultuous year for the San Diego gay community. In February, five officers from the San Diego Police Department raided the Fourth Avenue Club and charged twenty-three patrons with lewd conduct. In response, lobbyist George Raya and activist Fred Scholl organized a… Continue reading 1979: “Remember Stonewall”

1978: “No More Lies, Never Again!”

"Paper Bag Brigade" marches against Proposition 6. Gary Gulley Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

As with the previous year, defending homosexuality in education took the spotlight of the 1978 Pride event, which was held on June 25th. California voters faced Proposition 6, which would prohibit gays and lesbians from teaching in public schools and prohibit the use of curricula that presented homosexuality positively. Prop 6 was fueled by Anita… Continue reading 1978: “No More Lies, Never Again!”