1992: “Pride=Power”

"Pride=Power" volunteer t-shirt (front), 1992. Pride T-shirt Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In 1992, Pride saw increased representation of law enforcement and political officials. San Diego Chief of Police Bob Burgreen was awarded the new honorary title “Friend of the Year.” He rode in the parade, which took place on July 18th, along with Mayor Maureen O’Connor and Councilman John Hartley, leading a contingent of city employees.… Continue reading 1992: “Pride=Power”

1989: “A Generation of Pride”

Jess Jessop (second to left) outside Lesbian and Gay Archives tent at Pride festival, 1989. Lambda Archives of San Diego.

With Lambda Pride and Parade Fest now dissolved, San Diego Lesbian and Gay Men’s Pride formed anew with Tim Williams as the first executive director. After years of controversy surrounding finances and a surviving debt, SDLGP sought to improve transparency with their accounting practices by releasing a financial report to the community following Pride weekend.… Continue reading 1989: “A Generation of Pride”

1988: “Here…And Here To Stay!” / “Rightfully Proud”

Lambda Pride Board and volunteers at Parade Fest, 1988. Doug Moore Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Following the festivities of the previous year, Lambda Pride organizers once again had a falling out. An ad-hoc committee was formed in January 1988 to produce that year’s Pride events, which they dubbed Parade Fest. The national theme of “Rightfully Proud” was adopted to emphasize the importance of the gay vote, as 1988 was an… Continue reading 1988: “Here…And Here To Stay!” / “Rightfully Proud”

1987: “Making History”

Pride Guide, 1987 (front). Lambda Archives of San Diego.

In the year leading up to the 1987 Pride weekend, Lambda Pride meetings were heavily occupied with issues including lawsuits, debts and organizational upheaval. As a result, a “New Lambda Pride” was formed with the goal of producing an excellent event and paying off the debts of the previous year. The new board selected “Making… Continue reading 1987: “Making History”

1986: “Forward Together”

San Diego Lambda Pride car, 1986. Doug Moore Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

With a nearly new board of directors, Lambda Pride made some big changes. The budget grew to $95,000, nearly three times the budget of the previous year, and a two-day festival was planned for the first time. However, the ambitious new board experienced more turmoil than the previous year in the weeks leading up to… Continue reading 1986: “Forward Together”

1981: “United For Our Rights”

"United for Our Rights!" button, 1981. Button and Pin Collection, Lambda Archives of San Diego.

Due to the divide created the previous year by the Lesbian Solidarity March, the Lesbian/Gay Men’s Pride Alliance disbanded. With the leadership of Doug Moore, Lambda Pride formed and took over the task of planning Pride. Lambda Pride filed for 501(c)(3) status, established a board of directors, and brought about many changes to the annual… Continue reading 1981: “United For Our Rights”