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Voters Organized in Coalition for the Elections (VOICES) march in the parade, 1996

1996: “Spotlight on Freedom”

In 1996, San Diego Pride focused on politics, as a presidential election was to take place in November. At a national level, the LGBTQ+ community was celebrating the Supreme Court’s …

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Parade participants carrying "Out & Free" banner and balloons, 1995

1995: “Out & Free”

The 1995 San Diego Pride theme “Out & Free” was selected to highlight the importance of coming out. The 1995 souvenir program states: “Coming out is the essential first step …

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Pink Cadillac in San Diego Pride parade, 1994

1994: “Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future”

In 1994, former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock, who had declared Human Rights Day in 1983 to overlap with Pride weekend, shifted more sharply to the right and began advocating …

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Souvenir Program, 1993

1993: “A Family of Pride: Our Family, Our Values, Our Celebration”

In his 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton promised to lift the ban on gays serving in the military. However, the Clinton administration met considerable resistance in implementing this change. San …

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"Pride=Power" volunteer t-shirt (front), 1992

1992: “Pride=Power”

In 1992, Pride saw increased representation of law enforcement and political officials. San Diego Chief of Police Bob Burgreen was awarded the new honorary title “Friend of the Year.” He …

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Car decorated with Latin American flags in Pride parade, 1991

1991: “Together In Pride / Conjunto En Orgullo”

After serving as Pride’s executive director for two years and stabilizing the event, Tim Williams stepped down upon learning that he was HIV-positive. He confided in Barbra Blake, who had …

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Jess Jessop's AIDS quilt panel, 1990

1990: “Look to the Future: A New Decade of Pride”

With the success of the previous year, the 1990 Lesbian and Gay Pride followed a similar structure. The weekend consisted of the Front Runners Pride Run, parade, rally, and a …

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Jess Jessop (second to left) outside Lesbian and Gay Archives tent at Pride

1989: “A Generation of Pride”

With Lambda Pride and Parade Fest now dissolved, San Diego Lesbian and Gay Men’s Pride formed anew with Tim Williams as the first executive director. After years of controversy surrounding …

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Lambda Pride Board and volunteers at Parade Fest, 1988

1988: “Here…And Here To Stay!” / “Rightfully Proud”

Following the festivities of the previous year, Lambda Pride organizers once again had a falling out. An ad-hoc committee was formed in January 1988 to produce that year’s Pride events, …

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Pride Guide, 1987 (front)

1987: “Making History”

In the year leading up to the 1987 Pride weekend, Lambda Pride meetings were heavily occupied with issues including lawsuits, debts and organizational upheaval. As a result, a “New Lambda …

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