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San Diego Lambda Pride car, 1986

1986: “Forward Together”

With a nearly new board of directors, Lambda Pride made some big changes. The budget grew to $95,000, nearly three times the budget of the previous year, and a two-day …

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Nicole Murray-Ramirez on the Imperial Court float, 1985

1985: “Share the Pride”

Following the turmoil of the previous year, the 1985 board of directors was comprised of mostly fresh faces and saw the return of Doug Moore. Lambda Pride again adopted an …

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First Pride Guide, 1984

1984: “Celebration ‘84, A Decade of Pride”

1984 marked the 15th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the 10-year anniversary of the San Diego Pride march. As such, Lambda Pride adopted the national theme “Unity and More …

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"I Love Being Out" t-shirt, 1983

1983: “I Love Being Out”

In 1983, Lambda Pride officially received its non-profit status, which allowed the organization more autonomy in planning their annual event. Pride celebrations grew in participation, activities, and attendance. However, permits …

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West Coast Production Company's float, 1982

1982: “Proud-Diversified-United”

With the addition of a Tijuana contingent and a “Black and White Men Together” group in 1982, Lambda Pride chose the theme “Proud-Diversified-United.” The parade took place on June 12th …

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"United for Our Rights!" button, 1981

1981: “United For Our Rights”

Due to the divide created the previous year by the Lesbian Solidarity March, the Lesbian/Gay Men’s Pride Alliance disbanded. With the leadership of Doug Moore, Lambda Pride formed and took …

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"In Celebration We Are..." button, 1980

1980: “In Celebration We Are…”

In January of 1980, the Center for Social Services was renamed the Lesbian and Gay Community Center, a move spearheaded by lesbians to address sexism. The success of the Gay …

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“Remember Stonewall” button, 1979

1979: “Remember Stonewall”

After nearly a decade of activism with a handful of victories, 1979 was a tumultuous year for the San Diego gay community. In February, five officers from the San Diego …

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"Paper Bag Brigade" marches against Proposition 6

1978: “No More Lies, Never Again!”

As with the previous year, defending homosexuality in education took the spotlight of the 1978 Pride event, which was held on June 25th. California voters faced Proposition 6, which would …

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Grand Marshals Jess Jessop and Gloria Johnson

1977: “Unity (A Day With Human Rights Is Like A Day Without Sunshine) / No More Miamis”

Despite the infighting and dispersion of niche interest groups that occurred the previous year, participation in the 1977 Pride march increased. That year, former Miss America runner-up Anita Bryant began …

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